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blank screen on laptop after windows update

i left the computer with a kid playing games.....when the water spilled, the computer turned off and he did not know what to do so the battery stayed about 2 hours in the computer until i came back and removed it...dried the computer.....opened it and cleaned the motherboard using isopropyl alcohol.....then comes the could not boot to windows so i did a fresh installation of windows 11.It works well without windows update ....when you do windows update, certain drivers install well but when it comes to installing the display driver the computer freezes and displays a blank freezes until yu force shutdown.i did fresh installations severals times the issue still remains....out of options now please help

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With liquid damage it's hard to say for sure what the issue might be. When you cleaned it up, was there corrosion anywhere? Where did the liquid actually go in the machine?

To throw my opinion in even before I have answers to those, it sounds like there may be issues with some thing in the display circuitry. Either in the screen itself or on the board. Cleaning was a great step but it doesn't undo any damage which was already done.

The generic display drivers in windows give basic function. Lower resolutions, etc. When you install the proper drivers it may require higher power draw which it can no longer support.

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