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The M1 chip in the Mac mini is Apple's first System on a Chip for Mac, integrating GPU, CPU, RAM, and other components for improved performance and efficiency. The M1 in the Mac mini has an 8-core CPU with four high-efficiency cores and four high-performance cores along with an integrated GPU that has 8 cores.

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Can you add ram to the M1 or M2 Mac Mini?

I want to know if these are upgradable before I purchase. Thanks!

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On this specific model RAM is not upgradable, well not realistically anyway. The RAM is an integrated part of the M1 SOC (System on a Chip), so not something that can be removed like it would have been in the days of yore. To upgrade the RAM would require desoldering the tiny modules from the SOC itself and replacing them with bigger ones, all the while hoping you didn’t damage anything and can get the firmware to recognize the upgrade when you’re done. It’s not a repair I know anyone who is attempting.

Just for sake of visual reference here’s what I mean. The two smaller black parts are the actual RAM chips on the M1 from the most recent iteration of the iMac, which uses the same chip.

Block Image

It will also be difficult to get RAM chips of that specific form factor because these are probably custom manufactured for Apple. It's not footprint that is typically used for RAM modules.

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Not even the Chinese repair shops have come up a way to safely desolder RAM chips from the package, they used extra high temp solder combined with underfill epoxy to really glue them down.

Also you can't get these special package RAM chips anywhere, so forget it.

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Is there a best way, or anyway, to supplement capacity externally? It is obvious it is faster than the older minis, but I can see it struggling with the 8.


@ldonj RAM capacity? Not really. Your Mac will use available space on the SSD for "swap" which is how the system makes up for lack of RAM it needs, it just borrows some of the hard drive. But it's slower than actual RAM.

If you need more RAM, the solution is unfortunately, to make sure you bought a Mac with enough for your use case./


@flannelist Reality hurts.$


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