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Repair guides and support for the OnePlus 5T, an Android smartphone with a 6.01" AMOLED display. Released in November 2017. Successor to the OnePlus 5. Model number: A5010.

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How to get access to anti dust earpiece mesh?

I just bought an lcd assembly to replace the screen on my 5t but the replacement has come without the earpiece anti dust mesh.

I still haven't started the repair yet so I still have the old screen with the mesh still in there. I was wondering can I actually get access to the mesh without taking the glass off the midsection? Do I even need it in the new screen?

Thanks in advance for anyone who knows anything. Can't find any answers about this anywhere. Seems like everyone forgets about this small part.

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On most phones you can use some isopropyl alcohol to help loosen the old ones to free them for being reused

Most of the time you can do this by getting the screen off and sometimes taking the earspeaker off and it’s usually right in front of you

If not you can try order some online however these sorts of parts can be hard to find

You can also but some speaker mesh and cat that to size

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thanks, that helps!



Your most welcome!

Please let me know if there’s anything else:-)


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