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Why won't my bottom load water cooler pull water from the jug?

My bottom load water cooler won't pull and dispense water from the jug. We've tried another bottle and made sure the cap with water tube is securely inserted. What can I try to fix it?

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Hi @lauriehammell,

What is the make and model number of the water dispenser?


@jayeff Model: 1237BHC/YL1237S. Not sure of the make. The machine doesn't say but when I search this number I see Primo and Avalon.


Just opened the box followed instructions pressed the cold wate and my wife said stop it's going on the floor I checked inside and there is a short hose on the top left just hanging don't know where it goes or how to connect it to where it is supposed to go


In water cooler,water motor is not working


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Hi @lauriehammell

Found the user manual but that's about all I could find. Not that it is much help when troubleshooting

Since it is a bottom load, there must be a pump to pump the water up to the dispenser.

If the pump seems to be operating when trying to dispense water, maybe check that there's no air locks in the feed from the bottle to the pump.

Otherwise I don't know unless there a problem with the control board. Try resetting the device by removing the power for 5-10 minutes and then reconnecting it.

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My water is not getting cold or hot


Hey angela holler at me


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