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Arctis 7 Steel Series original (2016) edition

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Microphone not working due to liquid inside? How to fix?

Microphone has stopped working due liquid going inside the microphone? Any chance it can be fixed?

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From what I know after microphones get water inside of them there usually isn’t any coming back from it BUT it could be a issue with some form of corrosion so the best thing you can really do is try you best to take apart the microphone part and clean the inside with some isopropyl alcohol

If that doesn’t work you will probably need to replace the microphone

Unfortunately guides and parts are pretty scarce so I can’t leave a link to any at the moment,sorry about that

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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i want to get the mic out to clean each part for some dust stuck and lower the volume of the sensed sound.

but can't see any video help me to disassemble the mic


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