My Hisense 55" TV (55R6095G5) went black while watching it.

I have watched a variety of videos and read a fair number of forum posts on this. The TV power light at the bottom of the screen is blinking red but not is any pattern like described in the posts I've read. If I shine a flashlight at the screen I can see the start up screen that says "Hisense RokuTV" and it blinks a few times. Initially from what I have read, I assumed it was my backlights that went out-- to the point where I ordered backlights from ShopJimmy. However, the more I think about it, most folks with dysfunctional backlights still had sound. I do not, just the blinking startup screen that I can only see with a flashlight, -- so I'm assuming that mine is probably more than just backlights? I want to make sure I know exactly what is up before I pull the whole thing apart, even if it means I ordered the wrong part. Thanks!

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