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Eighth generation of the Honda Civic.

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Why won’t my windows roll down?

After replacing the battery in a 2007 Honda civic, only the drivers window will roll down. When you press the down button from the drivers seat, I can hear clicking on the window that is supposed to roll down. However, when you press the down button from that seat, it doesn’t make any noise. The window lock is not on.

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Switches and relays that bring in the window motors carbon up over time. If it's easy to replace, get a new set of switches or have them cleaned out and tested. Secondly, the Body Control Module contains many relays that need replacing or cutting open and cleaning. They will also likely be dry-jointed and need a re-work. You can clean relay contacts by pinching a thin business card in them and pulling it through until you get no more black trace on the card.

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