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I didn't know the e-composite reference

can you help me? This electronic component, as in the picture, was removed from the xtw100 device, and I did not find it. I want to know its full name, quartz, and its reference, in order to replace it or change it with an alternative. Please help me and thanks.

Block Image

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Here's a link that shows the schematic for the programmer.

The crystal oscillator schematic component ref ID is Y2 and it has a frequency of 8MHz as can also be seen on the component in the image you posted. There is no other information as to its other specifications i.e. load capacitance, drive level, ESR etc so it will be difficult to know what the exact replacement would be. (examples only).

It may save a lot of time and hassles if you just purchased a new programmer. (supplier example only) as they are not that expensive.

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