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After announcing the discontinuation of the Durango after the 2009 model year, Dodge released an Internet site and teaser photos of the third-generation Dodge Durango on August 16, 2010.

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engine light on while driving

Why my engine light on and blinking while driving

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Hi Leanna,

A check engine light being on is troubling enough, but when it's flashing that's bad. I mean really bad. From some random place on the internet:

There are two types of check engine light warnings that all drivers need to be aware of. The first – and more severe is a Type A misfire, which is represented by a flashing check engine light. This flashing check engine light means you are doing “mechanical damage” (read in a deep ominous voice designed to imply very large repair bills by continued neglect) to your vehicle if you continue to drive under these conditions. If you see a flashing check engine light you should seek immediate professional advice. By mechanical damage we are talking about things like the catalytic converter, the exhaust manifold, pistons, rings, valves – virtually all upwards of four-digit repair bills.

During misfire, raw fuel is being passed through your vehicle’s engine. This fuel actually ignites and starts a fire in your exhaust manifold and catalyst. This drives the temperatures up in excess of 1000̊C causing the ceramic in your catalytic converter to begin melting. It can crack your exhaust manifold, damage sensors, and much more. If you see a flashing check engine light, you need to act IMMEDIATELY to save your vehicle and a lot of money.

Don't drive the vehicle unless it's straight to a repair shop; preferable would be to have it towed there.

At a minimum you need to have the engine codes scanned to determine what the light means; that will in turn point you in the right direction as to what repairs are needed.

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