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Announced August 16, 2021 Released August 26, 2021

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Why my rog phone 5s has no power and not charging?

I have three ROG phones (5s, 3, and 2) they were all dead and not charging. I replaced the battery of 3 and it worked for a couple of days but, unfortunately, I forgot to charge it and the battery went to 0%. Is this a charging IC issue? Please help.

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Hey, John.

I haven't personally seen the internals of your phones, so I can't say for sure what the problem is. But there are a few possible reasons why they won't charge. The first thing you can do is just try a different charger or battery. If this doesn't work, double-check to make sure all of your battery cables are securely and properly in place. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help, but I don't work with smartphones very often. I specialize in video game consoles and accesories.

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I want original changing ic , where I want?


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