Is there a way to fix the spring for the power slider button?

I've had this Kindle for ages and it has worked fine until recently. The power/wake switch used to have some kind of tension and it would always spring back when you slide it over, only now it doesn't. You can slide the button over and it will just stay. I've opened it up and there's a sortof R-shaped spring thing that is only partially attached, but I can't see how to get it re-attached on the left side (I think perhaps there was a bit that bent down into the slot on the button but it has broken off? Hard to tell). I've googled every way I can think to describe this, but haven't found anything besides general breakdown instructions. The attached picture is one I found online of how it's supposed to look, but I can't tell if the left side bends down to go into the hole or if I'm missing some other detail completely.

Block Image

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