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HP's high performance compact desktop PC with full desktop features. Model number : 600-a014.

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PC won't boot up...

When I turned this PC on wednesday it tried to boot up but i get the message "Error: no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed". I restarted it and pressed ESC then F2. My only options were memory test, which I did and it checked out ok, and hard drive check. I did the hard drive check and it tells me "no hard drive installed". So what'sup with that and how do I get this PC to boot up?

Mike @aactech are you out there? You've rescued me before!

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that would indicate there is a problem with your C: drive.

The first thing to check would be that is is still connected since it is not seen at all by the OS. Remove it and re-seat it a couple of times to clean the contacts. If it still does not work, U have a dead system drive, OR you have a power problem to the drive, OR you have a problem on your motherboard.

Is it running. U should be able to feel or hear it running. If so, it is getting power.

Get an external drive enclosure and connect it to another computer.

If it is recognized and you can read it, you have a computer issue.

If it doesn't run, or it is not seen, it is trash.

If it is recognized, but U can't read it, it may be possible to recover files, but that is a senior class subject.

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Is this solving the "no hard drive" issue, no boot disc issue, or are they both related? Obviously I'm pretty green at this but not afraid to get my hands dirty.


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It looks like your computer is attempting a PXE boot, which means it's searching your home network for a server image to boot from. The error is because no such network server exists.

Configure your computer to boot to Windows instead. Turn on your computer again, but this time, press ESC and then F9. If you see your Windows installation on the list of boot options, select it to boot to Windows.

If you don't see your Windows installation on the list, you may have to reinstall Windows. Ifixit has a guide for installing Windows 10 below:

How to install Windows 10 over USB - iFixit Repair Guide

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