Is there any way to repair my AF Minolta binoculars?

I have a pair of Minolta AF binoculars, which stopped working after being caught in heavy rain. I have partially taken them apart and cleaned the surface of the main circuit board. I'm not sure how to dissemble them further, for more cleaning. The battery-powered on-off button flashes a few times and then switches off, instead of remaining on.

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Reviewed the sidebar questions for help? Disassembling as much as possible allows warm air to evaporate remaining moisture deep in cracks and crevices. Leaving the main body in a gas oven with only the pilot light providing warmth can help over a 24 hour period. A warm boiler can be used too, laying the binocular on top as warmth helps evaporation. Once dried, using a can of compressed air may blow out remaining moisture and minute debris, Unfortunately, rain may have minute particles mixed in to allow electrical conduction, possibly creating a short circuit condition, irreparably damaging electronics. Optical sensors soaked from rain water may need careful cleaning with a Q-tip with lens cleaning solution. If you're lucky, drying out the entire binocular electronics may restore full function.


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