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Broken C9 Socket. String doesn’t light.


I have a string of C9 LED Christmas lights that are not working.

I used a light pro device to test the electrical current going to each bulb and I believe I found the culprit. The electrical contracts were coming out of the socket! I tried putting them back in but that did not solve the problem. I touched the exposed contacts to the bulb wires (tried both sides) and that did not work either. I can plug another string into the end of the malfunctioning one and the second string works just fine. I also checked the fuse and that is fine. Checked the bulb and that is fine too. I am thinking I just should bypass this particular socket. Is that possible? If what wires do I cut and splice together? See image. Thanks for the help!!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Kenneth,

I'm a little surprised that your experiment with jury-rigging the bulb to the two bare wires didn't work; frankly the socket isn't exactly a technological marvel; it's just a way for those two connectors to touch the contacts on either side of the bulb. Since we're talking about an AC signal here it shouldn't matter which way the bulb is connected either, but I'm with you; I'd try it both ways just to be sure.

Anyway, assuming you can't get it to work with the bulb, then what you've got without that bulb is a series circuit with an open circuit where the missing bulb is. In order to complete the circuit, you have to reconnect the two sides of the circuit; you've got three wires there, two on one side and one on the other. Snipping off the connectors and twisting all three wires together with a wire nut should do the job.

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