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My phone was drop in water 💧 can not be on

Water drop my phone is not on not working

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. Ravindra Kumar malviya, You’re really making it hard for us to help you, by not providing any information at all really. The more information you provide, the better we can help. How to ask a good question on iFixit.

What have you tried? Did you immediately power the phone down? Have you connected to a charger since water damage?

First, don’t try rice! That’s a myth, and complete hogwash.

You’ll have to open the phone up (assuming you’re comfortable with DIY repair) and check for water damage and corrosion. If you have connected to a charger since, you have only sped up the corrosion process.

Open the phone and disconnect the battery. Then take out the logic board and wash in >99% isopropyl alcohol, as this dissipates the water. Wash what you can (inside of frame) with the same isopropyl alcohol, then let all boards and components dry for a couple of hours on a place (preferably) above room temperature. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates much, much faster than water.

If there’s no apparent damage from water or corrosion, you can put it back together (connect the battery as the very last step) and see if you get any results. If still problematic, you’ll most likely have to take it to someone experienced in diagnosing and performing board level repairs.

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