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Repair and additional information for the LG LFXS28968* refrigerator—a 2017 full-sized appliance without an ice maker or dispenser that features energy efficiency and Wi-Fi connectivity. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LFXS28968*.

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LG refrigerator LFXS28968S won't drop ice into bucket

I have an LG refrigerator model LFXS28968S/11 (ASTCNA1 variant) that won't drop ice into bucket. If I remove the ice bucket and press the test button on the ice maker, the ice tray rotates completely and drops ice. It then returns to home position and fills with water. The water then freezes, the tray turns a tiny bit like 10-15 degrees - then stops.

Its under warranty still. They've sent someone out twice and it still doesn't work. They replaced the ice maker (just the ice maker - not the entire assembly that includes the interior door panel and bucket auger motor) and the new ice maker behaves exactly as the original one did.

Second visit they replaced the main logic board on the back of the fridge, I also got a new ice bucket, and they came with a new ice maker assembly kit - this part includes the interior door panel and the auger motor, but it was the wrong part. Looked identical, but the connector on the harness was different, so it wasn't installed. But same thing after logic board replacement - tray fills with ice, it starts to rotate ice tray when it's frozen, but it stops rotating and doesn't get anywhere near far enough along in the rotation process to drop ice.

Any ideas what could be the problem? I do wish they had been able to replace the whole ice maker assembly kit, since the more complete kit with the door panel includes the optical sensors that tell if the ice bucket is full. I was wondering if those were bad and they are why the ice tray stops part way. I posed this hypothesis to the repair technician , but he believed if the bucket full sensor was tripped that the tray shouldn't attempt dropping ice at all, which seems reasonable to me.

This 2.5 year old LG fridge replaced a Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA fridge that Samsung bought back 100% due to five service visits over ice buildup on the fan and evaporator coils. Because of that experience I got an extended warranty on the LG.

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I think I figured it out! I didn't get a notification that your post was updated with a link to the manual, only seeing that now when I am posting solution. I'm not sure the forum kicks off an email for post edits.

Anyways, I found the manual online and it contained a test for the optical sensors:

1. Remove ice bin from compartment
2. Close the left door (Door switch pushed)
3. Wait 3 minutes
4. Open the freezer door and keep it open
5. Push the refrigerator button and lock button at the same time.

If the display says ETY (Empty) then the ice detecting sensor is good.
If the display says FULL then the ice detecting sensor is bad.

Mine was always reporting FULL even though no bucket or bucket empty.

The wiring diagram shows Bright Orange/White (BO/WH) and Red/Yellow (RD/YL) go from each of the optical sensors to the main PCB. I checked for continuity on the connector behind the ice maker (that the ice maker plugs into) to the harness that comes out of the top of the left door. Only BO/WH had continuity - NOT RD/YL! This wire is for the IR LED on the optical sensor to tell if the bucket is full.

So I used some electronics breadboard wire to temporarily run a wire by shoving the breadboard wire pin into the back of the ice maker harness, and the other end into the back of the harness coming out of the left door. And for the first time in WEEKS the refrigerator properly reports that the ice maker is EMPTY!

I won't know for a few hours if it will harvest the ice, but this is very promising!

The wire must be broken inside the door, as all the parts of the wiring harnesses that are visible look fine. Does this mean permanent solution is a new left door? Right now I have my bodge wire running precariously.

Block Image

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This fixed it; the ice maker bucket is full of ice. Now to buy a new door for the permanent fix!


I ordered a replacement door part number ADD73996077 as a permanent fix and it works! Ice maker drops ice into the bucket.

It was not fun - had to transfer the control panel, ice maker compartment door, ice maker, mullion, door handle, door gasket, water tank, water inlet valve, the dispenser sub-pcb at the top of the door, the wi-fi module, supply/return gaskets for the ice maker compartment, etc - probably missing some other stuff.

The only gotcha was the ice maker compartment supply/return gaskets - they wouldn't fit onto the new door. I had to order two new gaskets with part number ADX73571206 - my original door used gaskets ADX73571201 for the supply/return of the ice maker compartment. I went on and noticed both ADX73571201 and ADX73571206 listed as valid for my fridge, so I took a chance and ordered ADX73571206 and they fit just fine on the new door. They are the same dimensions, but clips are in a different location and extra foam underneath for better seal on the ice maker compartment.


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Did the technician check if the ice dispenser micro switch, (part #6600JB3001C supplier example only) was working correctly and not intermittently (corroded?), which would prevent the correct operation of the auger?

Here's a video that shows where it is. The video is not for your exact model, although the switch is mentioned in the parts list for your model so maybe it's in roughly the same location. Unfortunately its location is not shown in the diagrams.

Type switch in the part / part name search box in the link to see the dispenser switch part number

Update (11/05/2022)

Hi @djc6,

Here's the service manual for the model series that may help.

See p.95 for not dispensing ice problems

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No he didn't do that. Looks not easy to get that front panel off without marring the stainless steel doors. Now I am told Squaretrade just wants to reimburse me for what I paid for the fridge, and I can keep broken fridge.

The lever to operate the water dispenser, ice maker, etc.. seems to operate fine. If I switch it to ice I hear the auger going trying to dispense the empty bucket.



I think that it's the lever that operates the micro switch, so if its contacts were corroded for example, this may prevent sufficient current being supplied to the motor to operate correctly. More so if it has to push ice out as well


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