Weird PC display crash on fresh install

Friend's PC is acting up, possible GPU driver/hardware issue. New PC, New Windows, Freshly installed drivers, it does this: video

He was able to fix it Once by switching his GPU with another one, then putting the same one back. Worked fine for a while, then he accidentally alt-tabbed and clicked on Disney+ while gaming, PC got borked again.

He tried a complete format. Same thing happened on an Empty windows as soon as the log-in screen popped up.
He tried updating windows and all drivers. Nothing changed.
He tried pulling out the MB battery and restarting BIOS.
He will try to switch his GPU out and then put it back again to see if it fixes the problem, but we still have no idea why this happens in the first place.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
GPU: Asus Tuf RTX 3070
MB: ASROCK Steel Legend B550M
RAM: Kingston HyperX Renegade 3200MHz 4x8GB
CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X
PSU: BeQuiet System Power 9 700W

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