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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Xbox one X turns on and instantly off after thermal paste, pad, andssd

So basically my Xbox one x was overheating and turning off when I would launch red dead redemption 2. Also loading times for any games were really slow. Begin repair with changing in ssd from a laptop i don’t use anymore, Was greeted with the reset Xbox screen. I just waited for my thermal grizzly thermal pads to arrive. Did repair of thermal pads and paste and now it doesn’t work. Called repair shops and was told it could be a power supply issue. I bought a new power supply and the issue keeps happening. Thanks for your help!

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This is most likely a rail issue. I had the same situation brought into my shop about a month ago and had to replace some rails on it. This is not something I would recommend some one that is not experianced to try. It requires microsoldering gto replace and fix the issue.

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Hey I’m just wondering how much a repair shop would charge me to fix it and where could I go? Thanks for your answer as most likely it is something wrong on the motherboard as you said.


@Ryan Shilts If you want to send it to me I can fix it, cost would be $175


Sorry, my budget is like 80-120 on it. It’s already all opened up so idk if that makes it a bit cheaper.


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