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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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It is not turning on but when I push the CPU and GPU, it works!

Hello Everyone,

I removed the logic board because it is not turning on but when I push the CPU and GPU (heat sink) it works. When I push the heat sink, it is working but when I remove my pressure on the heat sink it turns off.

Please tell me what I can do.


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Hi Armin,

Unfortunately, having the computer start to work when you press down on a chip tends to indicate that some of the solder joints between the chip and the motherboard have failed and no longer provide an adequate electrical connection for the pins affected. This is especially true of Ball Grid Array (BGA) chip packages like the CPU and GPU here.

You may be able to get a better picture of what's going on if you remove the heatsink and power on the computer. Press down on the CPU, then the GPU and see which one causes the computer to start up. Naturally you will only want to leave it powered on for as short a time as possible when running without a heatsink; once it's going it'll heat up fairly quickly. Most likely it'll shut itself down before any damage occurs, but I personally wouldn't take that chance.

I'd say give that a try and let us know what happens. if pressing on one of them makes it work, then you've at least isolated the problem; at that point it will take someone who has expertise with BGA components to be able to remove the chip, reball the solder pads and reinstall the chip to fix a bad solder connection.

If neither the CPU or GPU fires it up, then we'll go back to the drawing board and try and figure out what else could be going on.

Good luck; let us know what you find!

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I was thinking If I remove the heat sink and use the heat gun on both of CPU and GPU for 2 minutes, Could fix my problem? this is my new idea


@armin1, Personally, I would try to limit the heating of components in an attempt to reflow the solder to only the failing component; heating up a working part can only make things worse for it, so I'd suggest doing your best to figure out which one is causing the problem and only heat that one.

Some of our users here are quite experienced at BGA work so hopefully one of them will join the discussion and give us some idea of how good an idea that is and how to do it.

I do know you'll want to cover the areas around the chip you're heating with Kapton or some other heat shield material so you don't melt any more solder than necessary.


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