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Model A1989, EMC 3358. A refresh of the existing design, with updated processor options and a change to the keyboard materials. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released in May 2019.

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Mouse/trackpad freezing every 3 seconds for like half second

Hi guys,

I have MBP 2019 and if I am working mouse/trackpad freezing every 3 second for like half second - it's really annoying (specially in Photoshop). Yesterday I made update to macOS Ventura but still same issue.

Thanks for any advice/ideas.

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Have you tried reseating and cleaning the trackpad connection on the logicboard

Here’s the guide you will need

MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2019 Vervanging van het trackpad

Also have you tried a wired or wireless mouse to see if the behaviour persists?

If a different mouse works fine and reseating it doesn’t work it could mean that the trackpad or the cable is faulty and needs replacing

It could be a logic board issue but that is quite unlikely but not off the table

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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It’s probably motherboard issue as I noticed that one of the USB-C also not working :( I don’t know the history of this MBP but after issue with UCB-C I am done with this because I don’t know what else can be damage.


But thank you for answer :)



Your most welcome:-)

If you wanted to you could try and fix the logicboard you could but from what you said it seems like CD3215(usb controller chips that has failed,ether that or the usb port itself

But then there the other issue to fix too

But it’s entirely up to you



I will check logic board and will see :) again thanks a lot.



Your most welcome:-)


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