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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Time machine back up to large to put back onto the machine

Good day

Have a very interesting issue for today, recently did a time machine backup of a 256GB 2019 TB MacBook Pro 15", the data on the machine was 128GB. Backed up to a 256GB ssd, back up went trough perfectly with no issue.

Formatted the machines drive and loaded a fresh OS, this is where the issue comes in as I can't put the back up back as it is to large for the machine. Going through disk utility the drive is definitely a 256GB and the info that's on the back is 147GB, but the amount it wants to restore is 1.1TB of data. The file that seems to be house the phantom data is a one drive folder in the library.

Question I have is is there a way I can remove this one file then restore, or do I dread restoring to a larger drive, remove the file make a new time machine.

Block Image

Block Image

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If you’ve been backing up regularly the backup image will grow! As over time you delete and create new files which will expand the backup image. Make sure you are restoring the last backup.

If you can, I would create a fresh TimeMachine backup using a fresh drive. I would also use the other sides USB-C ports and cable. I’m suspecting the backup is corrupted. Either within the backup drive, cable or the given ports logic.

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Managed to find the issue on the back up, for some reason the one drive library folder when backed up didn't back them up as cloud based files and when the back up was being restore the physical files were being put back.

So essentially when it was backed up, it backed up like a cloud file taking up no space, but when it's restored it wants to put the physical files back.

The file is located in the Group Container file in the library. Had to restore to a larger drive, delete the file and migrate back to the original drive and that worked.


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