Right shoulder button on Joy con not working even after switching

The right joycon's shoulder button is not responding. I thought it was an issue with the joycon so I exchanged it for a new one at gamestop but the new one is having the same issue. At this point I think it is an issue with the switch itself somehow, but I have no idea how to fix it. Updating the joycons didn't work, so not sure what to do now.

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Hi Aidan,

Does the button respond (or rather, not respond) both when it's attached and when it's separated? Those use separate circuits; when it's mounted on the Switch the signals go through the connector into the motherboard, and when it's separated it uses wireless signals to communicate.

If the button itself is working, it's hard to imagine both scenarios being at fault due to hardware, so at that point we're down to a software problem with the Switch. Either that, or you won the jackpot and got two broken JoyCons in a row.


@dadibrokeit The right shoulder does not work either connected or wireless. Just tested it. I doubt it is a joycon issue because the shoulder buttons aren't known for going bad, and especially not twice in a row with two different joycons. So it has to be a software issue with the switch itself.


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