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A programmable brewing machine by Keurig. This coffee maker uses K-Cup Pods and K-Carafe Pods to brew a variety of hot and cold drinks. Model Number: K2.0-400 Serial Number: 401.0200.1410931

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How can I make Keurig 2.0 works on 220 volt

As you know these wonderful devices only work with 110v but doesn't support 220volt,

I was wondering if there is a way through disassembly to convert it to 220v by default without using a transformer.

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if you do a google search or 2 you might find a yt video on this. i personally wouldnt recommend doing this unless you know what youre doing. and thats part of the reason i wont link the documentation lol

good luck!

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is there some a company who I can pay to do that for me


You tried Google?


@strongbow yes , did find any


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