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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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Forgot backup password need to recover without deleting data

I have a j7 prime and i have forgotten its backup password and the fingerprint also doesn't works so how can i recover the password without deleting the data. I have tried all the possible passwords.

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Does the phone have a Google or Samsung account tied to the phone?

If so you should be able to access the account online (as long as you have remembered the Account User ID and password (and the password is different to the phone's password) and reset the password from there.


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With Samsung (and ALL of the other manufacturers) they have never had a backdoor on any of the phones, at least since Android 6, maybe 5. There was a way prior with the Google account, but it's been unsupported for years at this point. The reason it was dropped without hesitation is because the FBI picked a fight with Apple (and lost). The problem was keeping it sets a dangerous precedent, so it was removed and support was abandoned in the blink of an eye. The reason is if the manufacturer/SW developer cannot get in, then they can legally tell the FBI to pound sand. Ever since that case went down, everyone uses non-reversible encryption because the fight that the FBI tried to put up served as a warning.

That said, it may still be possible with 3rd party SW on a non-encrypted phone, but a lot of phones use the passcode AS the key, or an inaccessible private key (you and the manufacturer)+passcode encryption. A lot of the phones released since the FBI didn't get their permanently encrypt themselves during setup, and push a passcode which also acts as encryption. The last phone I had with reversible encryption was the LG G4.
I do feel bad how it affects people like you, but I do not want my phone to be backdoored by anyone, even the manufacturer. It's a dangerous precedent since the FBI tried to compel Apple in 2015. Apple dropped the backdoor in iOS 8 and uses the passcode as encryption as well.

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