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Apple AirPods zijn draadloze oortjes die in december 2016 zijn uitgebracht.

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How to charge airpods without case

How to connect aripods without case and how to charge them without cass

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So I am going to be 100% Honest and please bear with me

Now there is no way that this they can be charged without the case. Do not listen to any guides saying to put stuff in your airpods because you will damage them. The only solution is to get a replacement case, you can choose to get one from apple, or ebay. Only difference is cosmetic

You can connect them to a device without the case, if you connected to them before. The case charges the airpods and put them in setup mode for pairing.

PS - This below is a livesaver to help find the case when it goes missing

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Just like driving a car with not fuel it is just not possible! You need to get a new case.

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