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Cant Install Android System Update for my Oneplus 10 pro 5G

I bought a one plus 10 Pro 5G and I am unable to install the automatic system update. I am alerted of new update, i am able to download it but yet it is unable to install. It throws an error and tells me to try again. I have reformatted my phone and still cant install the system update. How do I go about it?

Thank you.

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Download the updated software build from the OnePlus official page. For Android 10, Go to [Settings] - [system] - [system updates]. Click the settings icon in the top right corner, click on [Local upgrade], and find the. zip file and click on [Install] to confirm.

Hope this helps

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Hello, that's the problem.... Where does OnePlus 10 stores the downloaded zip file?


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If you are having trouble installing a system update for your Oneplus 10 pro 5G, then don't worry - you're not alone. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to this issue.

The first step is to make sure that your device has adequate storage space available for the system update. If there isn’t enough space on your phone, it won’t be able to install the software update. To check how much storage you have left on your device, simply open up Settings > Storage and check the “Available Space” section at the bottom of that page. Make sure that there is more than 100MB of free storage space before attempting to install a system update; if not, try deleting old files or uninstalling unused apps in order to free up some room first.

Once you've confirmed that there's enough space on your device for the new software version, go ahead and download it directly from OnePlus' website or through their official app store (for example: Google Play Store). Once downloaded, follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate back into Settings > System Updates

2) Tap “Download Latest Software Version” or “Check For Updates Now" (depending on which version of Android OS your device is running)

3) Follow all prompts until successful installation completion

The process may take some time depending on how large the file size is but once finished, it should show as successfully installed in System Controls under "About Phone". You may need to restart after installation as well so keep this in mind too!

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If you are experiencing difficulties installing the automatic system update on your Oneplus 10 pro 5G, despite reformatting your phone, there are some steps you can apply, Clear the cache on your device by going to settings > storage & memory > cached data and selecting "clear cache". This help to resolve issue that affecting the update process.

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