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Game controller customizable with 8BitDo Ultimate Software, Released 7 August 2019. Editions: Black Edition, G Classic Edition, SN Edition

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SN 30 Pro+ replacement parts

What is the form factor used for the analog sticks? Is it proprietary?

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Regarding the sticks, they are like the PS4 ones with a wide hole (see picture)

I bought a set from Aliexpress, they do fit in the hole BUT they're a bit too big and they "stick" on the sides when I pull/push them ... Rendering my 8bitdo SFC30 pro unusable unfortunately.

I'm still trying to find replacement parts for those sticks

Mise à jour (01/04/24)

Sorry, just found that website which is a part of the official 8bitdo website. It sells sticks and other parts for their controllers :

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