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Repair and disassembly information for Framework's modular and upgradable laptop, now featuring 12th gen Intel CPUs, a 13.5" display, and swappable ports. Originally released July 2021.

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I need little metric screws

I'm looking for small, metric fasteners for fixing a laptop computer.  Do you have or know a source for any that meet these specs?

  • M2 3.0mm fastener with a 4.5mm diameter, 0.7mm thick T5 head.
  • M1.6 1.5mm fastener with a 5.5mm diameter, 0.6mm thick T5 head.
  • M2 4.0mm fastener with a 4.6mm diameter, 0.6mm thick T5 head.
  • M2 5.75mm with a 4.6mm diameter, 0.8mm thick T5 head.

Unfortunately, does not sell these screws. Thanks.

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As of recently, they have started stocking these screws on the Marketplace under the Parts category for $5 per pack and are categorized by where the screws will fit (top cover, bottom cover, and input cover).

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I would try eBay or AliExpress as they have most things

EBay is most likely your best shot but have you considered asking framework directly as I know they are repair focused

They might sell you them if you ask for them nicely as they might not be available on the online store

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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5 opmerkingen: says I should be able to find them "at my local hardware store." They have not offered to sell them to me. I cannot find the exact specs on eBay nor AliExpress. There are some close matches (phillips-head screws with smaller head diameters) which might work for the M2 screws.



Possibly try the m2 ones

Have you asked about eBay sellers

Some might be able to make some custom for you:-)


I'll do that. I'm also considering using glue. See:



It sound like it could work but just remember it will be quite hard to take appart if you use glue:-)


@barkingdoggy Local electronics supply shops sell selections of small metric screws usually in plastic, divided boxes - or just loose.


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