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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Where does the extra space go on a replaced partitioned disk?

Hi all.

I am having lots of trouble with the 80G HD standard on this G4. The HD is partitioned into three ~25G sections and the system disk partition is constantly running out of space since I put 10.5 on last year. I have used an external HD and TimeMachine anticipating some drastic action.

So... When I replace the HD with a new higher capacity (160G for example)one and then use TimeMachine to regenerate everything, where will the extra space go? Will TimeMachine spread it across the partitions it has replicated?

My goal is to increase the size of the system disk with all the newly available capacity without needing to reinstall all the applications I have. Thanks for any help.

Regards, David

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The data will all be place on the drive on a "first come, first served" basis. If you were to use a tool to defrag and optimize it (and you should actually do this), you'd find all the data stacked up and the rest of the drive clear. The way of storing data is actually why you should defragment and optimize the files and volumes occasionally. Lets say you trash a piece of data, that leave a gap in the continuous data. Next your write a larger piece of data. The new data will be fragmented as the old gap will be filled first and the rest would be stored on the first available area. So three gaps and the new stuff could already have four segments. This forces the drive to work harder and it takes longer to locate all the pieces when opening something. After a couple of years you get a very noticeable speed decrease and you think your computer's just getting old.

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Someone may know of a free software tool that will do this job, I use TechTool Pro but that's $100.


Hi Mayer.

Thanks for your reply and thoughts.



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