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The Sony WF-1000XM4 is a pair of wireless earbuds made for audio playback and noise cancellation. They are the successor to the popular Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds, offering several improvements over their predecessors.

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The batteries in my XM4s have very rapidly lost their battery life

In a week my ear buds have gone from around the 6-7 hours of playback i've been used to to lasting around an hour at best. Is this likely to be dying batteries? If so how easy are they to replace, and if not what could be causing this?

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Is it under warranty for Sony service or repair? Check Sony's website for FAQs (battery life of container and ear buds, number of charging cycles, etc). Are electrical contacts free of debris?


I am having this issue as well, though mine starting dying just a year after purchase. Conveniently outside of warranty. Apparently this is a well known issue with these buds which Sony is doing nothing about. Doing some light research allowed me to find dozens of similar cases where just after warranty they essentially die.

Sony service essentially said I'm out of luck. I can pay to ship them in and have them repaired or buy a brand new pair.

If anyone knows where to get batteries and how to replace them in the earbuds and charging case that'd be fantastic. Other than the battery issue these are great buds and I'd like to not have to replace them.


This video gives a more comprehension guide as well as the batteries needed.


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I had the same problem and yes, the batteries are (somewhat) easy to replace - both in the earpieces and in the case. The problem will be finding good quality replacement batteries. The MX3 batteries although a lower capacity will work fine in the MX4's. There are tear-downs available on YouTube.

Don't forget to do a full reset once that batteries are changed.

Hey ifixit - we all could really use your assistance on this break-down and battery replacement. Especially sourcing of good replacement batteries.

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Some issues could be

  • The batteries are faulty
  • the software is not updated on the buds.
  • Sony could be at fault as this seems to be a somewhat common issue.

to fix the software on the buds find the sony buds app and reset the software. if that does not work it is most likely the batteries.

I Hope this helps,

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This is a common problem that is believed to be caused by bad firmware pushed out by Sony that kills the battery. They are offering replacements even for units that are out of warranty.

Unfortunately, I am out of luck because I bought mine overseas and they're refusing service, so I'll just change them myself. :D

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