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New jbl clip 4 is not working but its charging

I bought this new jbl clip 4 but its noT working but if you charge it you can see the red light indicator please help to fix this.

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You mean when you press the power button the indicator doesn't blink and stay white? Your speaker seems to be low on battery, as when plugged to a power source and fully charged the light should turn off (or white, with the device powered on).

However you should still be able to use it while it's charging, so most likely the battery is too low for the speaker to work properly. Make sure your usb-c cable is working and/or use a different power outlet/adapter known to work.

If you managed to ascertain that it charges without problems and still get problems powering it on/pairing it, as long as it's not a faulty component there's a chance simply hard-resetting it could solve.

If it still doesn't turn on there could be a problem with the battery or the I/O switch. If it's still under warranty you better take it to the service center.

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