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An Android smartphone announced by vivo, a Chinese technology company, in March 2018. Models: 1725, X21A.

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How to fix display at home

how to fix display at home

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What we do if new phone is hang


Vivo x70 pro fix display


Display problem how can repair


Vivo X70 pro fix display problem


esawar, what kind of display problem are you having? We need more information to be able to help you. Is the display black, the touchscreen doesn't work, it's frozen, it won't boot - what exactly is it doing or not doing? If there's anything to see on the screen, add pictures as appropriate.


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There are a few video tutorials on youtube on how to do this (

It looks as though you will need a few extra tools to do this

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@vivoy91, @sarabjeetk25090 and @rajveer_sinha,

if we're all talking about a Vivo X21, then the requests to know how to replace the screen can be answered at the Spanish site Nadie Me Llama Gallina, or Nobody Calls Me Chicken. Here's their guide to that repair.

Manuales / Vivo X21 / Fullscreen

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