CD/DVD Drive not seen by Finder

Ok, I have searched for weeks for an answer. ALL boxes are checked.

my iMac is now running High Sierra, have replaced the drive with a new one.

Still NOT showing any disc by the Finder. I can hear it on Start up, Wake up and when a disc is put in.

BUT not available......

NOW when purchased it worked fine, BUT since the operating system have been upgraded it does not.

So this leads me to believe that files or drivers are missing with these upgrades.

I was able to open the files from the original operating system from a external drive and replace some of the files BUT no luck still doesn't show up in the finder.....

So what you guys think?


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@wallzaker - Where did you source the replacement drive?

You can't just put any drive in as each manufacture has their own device diver as the features of the drive need this custom diver.

Mac's use a subset of drives which Apple has already created the needed diver within the macOS. If you use anything else you will need to get the needed driver from the drive vendor.

As an example Apple never offered a Blu-ray drive so for it to work you would need to make sure the drive vendor offered the required drivers for your version of Mac OS for the Blu-ray drive.


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