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Guides and repair information for the 4th generation of the BMW 7 Series / E65, E66, E67, and E68 platforms.

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My brake lights stay on , even after changing the brake switch. Help.

How to fix brake lights that stay on, even after replacing brake switch on 07 750i?

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I saw a post on the BimmerFest BMW forum from a guy who had a 2010 750i with exactly the same problem. He started out the same as you, replacing the brake switch and proceeded through all kinds of diagnostic steps including wiring, grounding, etc., before finally solving the problem by replacing the Foot module/Light control module(LCM). Here's a link to that discussion.

2010 750i Brake light always on, replaced the brake switch and did resolve. Where can i find wiring diagrams?

Let us know how it goes.

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Try checking the manual in your car for fuses that apply to these lights and check them for black markings (Blow outs).

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