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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1538. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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iPad Mini 4 with iPad Mini 1 serial number?

So I've got an iPad mini 4 64GB Wifi that I purchased of of Facebook Marketplace. When I got it Siri and automatic app downloads didn't work and when I tried reseting it it would just reboot. So what I did was I plugged it into my computer put it into dfu mode and wiped it. Now when it boots it gives me unable to activate which was strange as it had been activated fine before and logged into my iCloud fine. So I checked is serial number to see if it was a cellular iPad in a Wifi housing as I know that that can cause complications and when checking found out its serial number: F7NN28F6F196, was for an iPad Mini 1st generation. Also the serial number on the housing of the iPad is DLXR34DPGHKH. Also on my iCloud account the iPad shows up as an iPad 4 in the correct colour and iOS version, but still with the iPad mini 1 serial number.

iPad Mini 1 Serial Number is iCloud Unlocked - Reportedly Purchased in 2014 - Silver Colour - Wifi Model - 16GB
iPad Mini 4 Serial Number is iCloud Locked - Reportedly Purchased in 2016 - Gold Colour - Wifi Model - 64GB

My guess is that this was a locked iPad that had some sort of iCloud bypass done to it. Anyone have any idea of what it was and how I can redo it?

(seller left the Facebook marketplace chat after I received the iPad meaning I can no longer contact him)

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"Facebook Marketplace"

There's your answer.

iPad serial number can be reprogrammed given low level debug access via factory specialized equipment and permission, or take the flash chip out and swap/reprogram it using a socket programmer.

This is usually done to evade Activation Lock or try to make board level repair/upgrade work. Early attempts may leave some necessary areas not programmed then it will work at that time, but not when Apple decided to use those areas in later versions.

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sorry just edited since I accidentally clicked post without finishing, When I got it it was running the lates iOS 15.6 and its still running it.


Oh yeah also the storage capacity of the two are different so it couldn't have been a flash storage swap


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I have certainly seen some trickery done by refurbishes/resellers. I would assume your Activation lock bypass theory is correct. This could be any number of things, people are always trying to find new methods to get past locks which would prevent use of the device.

As for how the change was done, or how it can be redone, I don’t have a definitive answer. Those sorts of bypass methods often not permanent (as you have discovered). And are sort of inherently seedy. There’s not anything wrong with that, but there’s only so much risk I am willing to endure myself or for people I fix for. I personally just don’t like using tools which involve that sort of thing from sources I don’t know, or trust. So I tend to steer away.

There are reprogrammers which can be purchased, but these generally require components (usually the NAND storage) to be desoldered from the board to be used. And in some cases jailbreak can bypass. At this point, you have little to lose. I am not sure that either of these places will have answers, but there’s lots of good info at the BadCaps forum and, although much of the information there is highly technical so proceed at your our risk.

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