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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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Apple watch series 5. What are these cables on the display?

Can anyone identify the 2 pictured cables?

Block Image

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They are the EMI shield connections to the watch case to prevent signals to/from the display and the S5 SIP unit.

Here's a better view from the other side

Block Image

Here you can see the three cables being shielded.

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Both of those cables pulled loose / tore away from the display. I've not been able to find replacement cables and it doesn't appear they come with the replacement display cable. Any idea on where to find them or can I do without?


@bad_karma - Yes, they are easy to tear!

I cheat! I use conductive tape patching the exposed foil side. That way the emissions have a way the case.


Do you have a picture showing what you have described above?


@bad_karma - Here's the needed tape Conductive Electrical Tape All I do is cut a piece place it across the copper surface and lightly tack it down with solder.


@danj not quite sure I follow you. My cables tore from the pad that is secured to the case and also from the back of the display. Am I simply using the conductive tape in lieu of the cable? If so, how do you fasten it to the case?


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