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The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is a mid-range Android-based smartphone developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics as a part of Galaxy A series. The phone was first released on 24 June 2021. The phone comes with a triple rear camera setup and a 90 Hz display. The battery has 5000 mAh, which is 62% bigger than the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro.

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Why my phone keeps rebooting

Hello I need help. I've replaced the screen with a new one. It was cracked. Now when the phone turns on it crashes on samsung galaxy a22 logo, and it keeps rebooting. it's always the same the phone reboots on samsung galaxy a22 logo, then reboots, then again samsung galaxy a22 logo and then again reboots. When I plug in the charger it just shows a lightening for 1 sec then it goes to black screen then it again shows lightening for 1 sec. Is it possible, that is because when i was taking out the battery it got damaged? It was very hard gettin it off the old screen.

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Nevermind, it's working now, I've forgot some parts to plug in :D

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😅 easy done. Great you got it working.


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Hi Roman,

Try Tenorshare Reiboot and have pasted the link below for guide

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