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W124 is the Mercedes-Benz internal chassis-designation for the 1984 to 1995/96 version of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, as well as the first generation to be officially referred to as E-Class. The W124 models replaced the W123 models after 1984 and were succeeded by the W210 E-Class after 1995. In North America, the W124 was sold for the 1985 through 1996 model years.

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intermitin hard start and running problem

my '92 300E i6 has started to act up . Hard start and acts like the timing is retarded, then starts and runs fine. Sometimes the throttle needs a soft touch or it stalls. My guess is a sensor but I don't know where to hunt for one..

Update (07/20/2022)

replaced both water temp sending units on the head. Car starts and runs fine till it gets to operating temp, then it stalls and backfires. It is not running hot, water level is fine, lower and upper hoes are hot so it isn't a sticky thermostat. I'm stumped.

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I replaced the fuel filter and it cured the problem. $14.oo at Auto Zone and it took 1/2 hour to replace it.

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Without knowing what you tried, that can often be attributed to dirty fuel injectors or bad spark plugs. Check the spark plugs and see if they are dirty, and if they are just replace them and rule out the possibility. As well as that, you may want to run something like Techron through the fuel system and see if that helps clear out the injectors. You can do both at once, or one at a time. Same with the air filter; check for dirt, and replace the filter if it's dirty.

Those Benzes also tend to have a wire throttle body (sometimes called a DBW throttle), so check the wire and throttle body aren't damaged. You can also hold the wire down by hand and you do this with the engine idling, not hold it and then start. If you hold it down, don't do it too long - 15 seconds max. You want to see it sustain a load, not test the entire RPM range.

The other option is to try an Italian tune-up as well, if you can legally do 60-80mph and keep the engine RPM high (and can be safe while doing so). Sometimes if just Techron fails, you need to combine it with an Italian tune-up. Where I'm from, fast driving is mostly normal, so someone doing an Italian tune-up isn't be unusual but YMWV on how "normalized" speeding is. It's also kind of gas intensive, so erm keep that in mind a bit. These older i6 engines don't drink as much gas as a S600 with the M120, but it's a definitely a factor during the gas crisis.

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It is still on the trailer and I'll take a look at it Sat. I need to finish the propane truck I didn't get to today. Thanks for your tip, not sure what you mean by a "wire " throttle body but maybe when I get into it it'll be obvious. I've been driving this car for 3 years and this is the 1st problem it has given me. I'll update you when I figure it out.


It usually runs on the front or back of the engine, sometimes the middle. It's pretty obvious once you know what to look for. Generally, on the i6, it's on the front if it has one.


still not operating, starts and runs till it warms up then quits,


try to fix the car computer its happened with me before.its a car computer problem.


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