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Product number: RZ04-02050600-R3M1 Available in green, white, black and quartz (pink) edition.

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Razer Kraken Pro V2 Quartz Edition headset wiring and TRRS jack wiring

I have a set of Razer Kraken Pro V2 Quartz Edition headset I am trying to repair. I looked online and found that the TRRS replacement jack with a small cable piece on it, may not be a normal (Apple) style jack, but it has a Ground, Mic, Right, and then left on the end. This is the jack, 4 Pack Replacement 3.5mm Male Plug to Bare Wire Open End Headset TRRS Cord 4 Pole 1/8" Jack Stereo Audio Cable for Headphone Microphone Repair Cable 3.5mm Plug Connector for Earphone (12in) Wires are colored, bottom to top black, green, white, and red. The information on Amazon states, that PIN 1 - red wire is the left channel, PIN 2 - white wire is the right channel, PIN 3 - green wire is mic, and PIN 4 - black wire is ground. The headset wires are colored, yellow, white, gold, red, and green. I do not have the original jack, to know what colors went to what.


I put the wires on where it said to online, but now the audio sounds like it is in a tunnel and at low volume. If I lower the balance on either side to zero, the volume goes up and it sounds normal. I found that it said the black wire off the jack would go to the yellow and gold wires on the headset. Green wire off the jack to white on the headset. White from the jack, to red on the headset. And red on the jack to green on the headset.

Update: I forgot to say, I only replaced the jack itself not the entire cable.


I tried getting the information from Razer, but that went nowhere. Why is the audio messed up and is the wires I connected correctly together?


There is nothing on your website for answers either.

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Did you try searching 'Razer Kraken Pro V2 Quartz Edition headset repair' as keywords? Many diyers share free info online and/or thru youtube videos.


@notbroken Not that exact phrase, but I did search even YouTube. But, when I went back in under your suggestion, I looked again at a video I watched prior. I went to where they were soldering it to the actual old jack itself. I realized, that the company's wiring and what I was looking at were not the same and I should have seen that as I already knew when I looked the cables up after purchasing them, that they were not the “normal cables. So, the jack states ground is 2nd and mic is bottom when it is not that way on the cable. So, I soldered them the opposite and I tested it out and it works.


Great! Glad you got it all sorted out!


@notbroken Yes me too. I had to rewire two other generic headsets as well and that was a task, as they don't use a specific wiring color code to make everything match. I wish I did a how to and video for them, maybe some day


@james13601 For whatever reason, there may be a standardized wiring code but not followed by some manufacturers, possibly a deliberate attempt to prevent repairs or just not adhering to accepted standards.


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For anyone looking for the same information, below is what I found to be correct.


L Red new jack PIN 1 - red wire is the left channel to green to 1

R White new jack PIN 2 - white wire is the right channel to red to 2

G Green new jack PIN 3 - green wire is ground to yellow and gold wire Razer gold to 3

M Black new jack PIN 4 - white to 4 white Razer


Their pinouts are different due to a different style jack.

PIN 1 - red wire is the left channel

PIN 2 - white wire is the right channel

PIN 3 - green wire is the mic

PIN 4 - black wire is ground


Razers is:




Mic +

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