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Yamaha P-115 digital piano features Graded Hammer Standard keyboard, which is responsible for high-quality and realistic imitation of real acoustic piano’s keyboard.

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Why are some of the keys on my p115 not producing sound?

Some of the keys on my Yamaha P115 aren't producing sound when a specific adjacent key is held down. For example, if I was to play every key one by one, they all produce sound. But there is a problem when I hold down a D and then try to play a Eb, the Eb does not sound and vice versa. This also applies the G# and A keys. The problem persists in all octaves and only with these two note pairs.

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Iv seen some Roland’s do this but it’s consistently though specific keys…

What usually causes this is dust getting under the silicon membrane that is used for the velocity of the keys

Another thing is the carbon/metal oxidising ,you can fix this by cleaning them off with isopropyl alcohol and then get a pencil(only if they are black carbon contacts) and draw the contacts back on

Hopefully this helps


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