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The Dell Dimension 2400 is a desktop computer released in 2003 with a traditional box "tower" form factor and a black exterior. It is the last machine from the Dimension 2xxx series and is equipped with a Celeron or Pentium 4 processor.

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Where can I get a replacement mainboard?

Hello yall. I need help. You see, I accidentally dropped a heavy tool onto my Dell Dimension 2400 mainboard. When I go to power it on, I only see a yellow light at the back illuminating the letter "D". I looked it up in the service manual and it says something like other error. there is no display on the monitor and I think I broke the motherboard physically. Where can I get a replacement mainboard? Thanks!

- xX420MCplayerXx

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It is a very "ancient" with IDE interface for hard drive - not even SATA.

Do you have important data on it ?

Can you not see any evidence of where the tool hit the board?

Have you checked all connections, reseat the RAM memory, video card, etc. You have just loosened something. Note: If there is no video card then it is using "Integrated Graphics".


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Hi xX420MCplayerXx,

I doubt you'll find a vendor stocking those motherboards, but you might be able to find one on eBay.
Identify the exact model number of the motherboard, and search that on eBay.
There are tons of sellers from Asia (China mostly) that sell older parts. Be sure though to select buying from a seller with good feedback. There are tons of scrupulous sellers that will sell anything and everything, even broken stuff as "New, open box".

Top rated sellers and sellers with a high number of positive feedback are usually alright, and eBay also has a very good buyer protection program.

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You can find things like this on eBay or if you go to a second hand shops I seem to see these older dells everywhere so maybe try that

Also look on places like gumtree,Craig’s list and Facebook market place as you might be able to get a whole computer for cheeper that a individual part

Hopefully this helps


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