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PDP Afterglow Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller has 4 color adjustable LEDs, as well as an audio jack for headphone users who want to listen to their Nintendo Switch games directly.

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How to access the joystick and buttons on the controller?

How can I disassemble the Controller so that it can allow me to clean the Joystick and repair bad buttons?

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There should be screws on the back of the controller, if not then idk.

If there are screws, im not sure what screwdriver should be used to unscrew it.

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I took a closer look at the photos of the contollers, it appears that there are no screws.

I think they are held in by clips that snap together. You can try to pry the case open, but you have the chance of cracking or breaking the shell.

Hope this helps!


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