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A rugged waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker encased in a smooth grip-like rubber on all sides. Model # PH-BTW55 and released in 2015.

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Can't control volume when connected to TV

I can't control the volume when I connect my non-Bluetooth TV to my photive speaker via RCA cable. The speaker will work fine and I can increase or lower the volume when I Bluetooth connection to my phone.

I've connected the TV to an HDMX speaker and it works fine, unfortunately, that speaker decided not to hold a charge.

Any suggestions as to why this isn't working correctly?

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Hi @jctusa,

What is the make and model number of the TV and also the model number of the speaker if not a PH-BTW55?

Asking about the speaker model number because I'm confused regarding the speaker's line input as it uses a 3.5mm stereo audio cable connection socket and you mentioned connected by RCA cable or are you using a 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2 x RCA Male Audio Cable?

The links are examples only to show the different cable options.

For example, a PH-BT2020 model speaker the default volume is at maximum level. To control the volume level, use your device to control the volume. Note: the Play/Pause, Volume+ and Volume - buttons only work when connected via BT. When using a wired connection, the volume can only be controlled on your device.

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