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Slightly loose side panel

My side panel on the brand new Aerox 5 wireless is slightly loose. It is barely visible with the naked eye, but you can feel it during gaming as you grip the mouse and move around - it is kinda annoying.

Does anyone has the same issue or know how to fix that? I think that it may be fixed just by tightening some screw inside but haven't opened the mouse yet - since I did not find any teardown online even for Rival 5 that has the same body (to be safe - not used to modding like this).

I am attaching the example of what the issue sounds like since it is barely visible in person :)

Thank you for any reactions.

I have inserted a piece of paper to reduce the clearance and it seems to work.
Going to get some black paper from my local store and trim it to blend in as a temporary solution until the teardown/disassembly tutorial comes out.

Block Image

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Timeline 4:30 of this video will show you how it fits together so you can see the inside:

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Thanks for the submission. However, the mouse that is shown at 4:30 is Razer Naga Pro - which won't help me here with Aerox 5 disassembly.

Nevertheless thanks for trying to help.


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Have you managed to fix this issue?

I have exact same problem.

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