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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Video issue and potential program issue

So the issue I'm having is video and as stated before a potential program issue.

The video issue which happened after the move to where I currently live my TV screen keeps on getting these grainy lines that keep moving up for the most part I can still play games no problem.

What I need to know does the GameCube have a video card or something along that line that I can easily switch out or is this something that requires me to switch out the entire motherboard?

And as for the other issue when I start up the thing it takes me to the GameCube menu and it keeps on wanting me to set the time and date and when I do the next time I start it up it goes back to the same thing.

Another thing that's more in relation to the video issue I would like to add I didn't wrap the thing in enough bubble tape so I'm assuming this happened during some point in the move that things got jostled around a little bit.

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@andrewsawesome I don't know why you are asking of what country I live in I didn't leave America just moved to another state.

Your question is not relevant to the issue I currently am having with the GameCube no offense.

I stated it was rattled a bit during the move from one state to another.


@dragonhawk5 Sorry, I thought you had moved countries and some countries use different types of video signals (NTSC and PAL).


Are you able to test your Gamecube on another TV, or with another cable. I have had troubles in the past with bad cables or a bad TV. And I think the internal clock battery is dead so thats why you need to reset the time.


@link327 I know my old AV cable for this didn't make a difference and neither did the newer one and switching to different a TV didn't change anything I was living at my aunt's for a little bit before getting into a new apartment the video issue did the same thing on her TV it also did the same thing on my old TV and it still does the same thing on the new TV.

I didn't know the thing had an internal clock battery.


I see, I have sometimes had luck cleaning out the video out with some 98% rubbing alcohol and some Q-Tips. And I don’t know if Gamecube's have an internal clock battery, but having to reset the clock usually points to one.


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@dragonhawk5 I’m not sure I can diagnose the video issues. Never worked on a GameCube internally much.

However, the time and date is 99% related to the CMOS / RTC (Real Time Clock) battery found in the GC. They only last for so long, before needing to be replaced. I think there might be a couple of versions, but they are all available online. Just search up your model and CMOS battery, to get the correct one. That should at least fix the clock issue.

Note: A bad battery can also cause other settings to «fail», so start by replacing that

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It shouldn't be too difficult to acquire a new battery although I am tight on funds but at some point I should be able to acquire one so your advice is very much appreciated.


@dragonhawk5 As a side note (I read the comments), there is no dedicated graphics card. It's all on the motherboard. (I believe it was handled by an ATI chip, if I recall correctly.)


@dragonhawk5 It's basically a CR2032 3V button cell, in a holder. If you have the right one, you can just replace the battery, which is only a few cents in any supermarket. If you have the version that is wired with a connector, it's a couple dollars online off of Amazon or eBay.


@geirandersen I thought so and the only chip that I had noticed on there was an IBM processor chip So if it's the case of the motherboard then I can easily acquire one I know we're a score one and on top of it I intend to replace the chassis as well when I moved the chassis took a bit of a hit as well.

So now I know what to get that's all I need to know thank you.


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