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Can I make a steam deck?

Once all the replacement parts are released will it be possible to make your own steam deck? Just from replacement parts?

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Hi @loben

Hope you are well

As far as I know it would be technically possible but I wouldn’t attempt to do so as it would probably work out the same if not more cost wise

Another thing to take in mind the chances you would be taking assembling the device risks damage if parts and you wouldn’t have a official VALVE warranty if anything went wrong:-)

Hopefully this answers your question


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Thank you for your answer


Your most welcome!

If there’s anything else please ask:-)


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Not available in my region and I am paying no scalper... so just maybe

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Not a good idea might cost more for things like tools and accessories needed to build. Recommend to get your own which you still disassemble and reassemble to see how it is on the inside. Get the fans kit if you want cus it sorta helps with noise.

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