Why won't my iPod charge after replacing the battery

My old 5th gen iPod had a dead battery so I bought one on here to replace it. The replacement went fine and the battery had 60 or 70 % charge straight away. Following the instructions, I allowed it to charge fully + 2hours, then used the device until the battery died. However now it will not take a charge. When I plug it in it appears to be charging but the battery status does not change. I am using an Apple cable and wall plug

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Have you tried connecting it to a Mac to charge

I have a 4th gen that will only charge from dead if it’s connected to my Mac for some reason


@darkus double check the battery connector. This series has a terrible flaw with it breaking of the logic board. Double check the connector, the ribbon cable and your dock connector. Check for any corrosion, broken pins, pocket lint wetc. For now, focus on the battery connector. Let us know what you find.


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