How can I open a Jabra STORM bluetooth headset to replace battery?

I need to get into a Jabra Storm (100-93070000-02) headset and replace the battery. What is the best way to open it up?

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I have an older Jabra that failed. Little use but I think the speaker failed. I decided to try shopping for broken Jabras as a low cost method in attempting a diy repair. For a few dollars, I received one and proceeded to disassemble it, experimenting with the broken one before disassembling mine. My Jabra snaps together with two main clamshell pieces with the buttons and mic separating for access to everything. I used the battery and speaker to repair mine.

I don't know if your Jabra Storm has similar clam shell snap together pieces or cemented together. Perhaps consider finding broken, damaged Storms may allow you to experiment disassembling or seeing one already apart before disassembling yours to replace the battery.


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