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The HP Pavilion x360 laptop can be identified by its model number 14m-ba011dx. It is a reliable laptop that features access to Windows 10, and it has capability for multiple external applications.

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Laptop not turning ON on Battery Power


My Laptop does not turn ON on Battery Power but Turns ON once I connect the Power Adapter, some issue with motherboard,

Battery is Charging and Gives Backup, I have tried below things

1) Replaced Primary Battery

2) Updated BIOS to Latest Version

3) BIOS Reset to Factory settings

What could be the reason, if any part on motherboard needs to be replaced

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Hello. Just some follow-up to your question.

When the AC power is plugged in and the computer is booted, does the computer display the battery power level as per usual or is it missing? If available, what percentage is displayed?


Hi, Yes it showing the battery bar and percentage properly



Does it then turn off if you remove the power adapter or does it stay on?

What is the model number of the motherboard (printed on the motherboard itself)? e.g. BUCKS UMA 16872-1 448 0C?????


It does not turn OFF, if I remove the power adapter and goes on battery power, and gives backup





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Dear it's seem like battery problem computer will show if faulty battery is attached with error (0% available).

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