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The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 1995. Since It uses the Honda Civic platform in an SUV body it was called "CR-V" which stands for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.

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Why is my RPM going up when my odometer is reading low?

I've noticed that my RPM goes up to 2 and above when my odometer is between 20 - 40kmph. I've changed the spark plugs & service regularly. The pick up is bad especially after I stop.

It does eat into my oil consumption. CRV model is known for having a slow acceleration however over the last 1.5 years, I've noticed that the pick up is really getting bad. The RPM will reach up to 2 and above when I accelerate and sometimes go up to 3 and my odometer has not even reached 80kpmh. Previously, my RPM maintains less than 2 even when I accelerate to 100kpmh.

I've changed the transmission oil 3 years ago and the spark plugs last year.

It does eat into my oil consumption and I'm worried this issue will need me to fork out for a much bigger repair.

I've talked to the Honda dealer about this and they advised that I changed the spark plugs. That did not solve the issue I'm afraid. I'm not sure what could be the problem and I'd like to get your advice before I see other mechanics, just so that I know that I'm not being told that I need to change a whole lot of other parts when it is only a small part.

Thank you!

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Is it shutting off while driving? Accelerating poorly? Otherwise running rough?


@doctorkennyg It is accelerating poorly. My car is auto, and whenever it changes gear i.e 1->2, 2->3, the RPM reading will jump up above 2. Previously it was between 1.5 to 1.8, never going above 2 even if I accelerate.

I don't drive fast. Max I go is up to 140kmph on the highway and that is super rare. I average around 70kpmh.

Could it be a transmission issue?


@Maureen Fletcher

What is the year model of the vehicle?

It seems as though the transmission is not changing up through the gears as quickly as it should to suit the speed

Get the OBDII port scanned for any error codes.

If there are any they will tell what what the problem is with the engine.

FYI the odometer gives the total distance (miles or kilometres) traveled by the vehicle. The speedometer tells you how fast you're going. ;-)


@jayeff It is a Honda CRV 2010 model. Thank you for correcting me on that 😅


@Maureen Fletcher

With regards to the oil consumption, are there any fresh oil stains on the ground under the car where it is parked, obvious oil stains or leaks on the engine or sooty deposits around the exhaust pipe on the car body at the rear of the vehicle?

Have you ever noticed blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when looking in the rearview mirror?


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This sounds like it could be an ECU/PCM issue. ECU stands for Engine Control Unit. PCM stands for Powertrain Control Unit. Different makes and models use different terms. ECU, ECM, PCU, PCM, and probably others. This is a computer module that controls the engine and/or powertrain. If it's going bad, it could feel like your vehicle has lost it's brain, which is effectively what this part or parts are.

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This is very informative. Thanks very much this and for your time. I'll be sure to include it in my inquiry when I check with the local mechanics.


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I can't say specifically what is wrong - however since you noticed a difference something has changed/broken/worn out.

It sounds like your transmission 'thinks' you're accelerating harder than you actually are (even if your not accelerating) and it is commanding the transmission to shift to a lower gear.

Modern automatic transmissions (since about 1990) have multiple gears PLUS the torque converter can (should!) lock up when you are cruising. That means at 80kph or so, the tachometer movement should start to match odometer movement.... So if you lightly step on the gas, you see the tachometer move up with the speedometer. Step on the gas hard and the torque converter unlocks and the transmission shifts to a lower gear etc. and you accelerate faster. The torque converter is what allows the car to sit still while the engine is running - call it a fluid clutch.

Have the mechanic check all the sensors on the engine. The computer should be able to tell the mechanic what the perceived load on the engine is. A faulty throttle position sensor might be an issue. That could cause the computer to think you've open the throttle too much. I had this and the fuel mileage was terrible. RPMs kill gas mileage.

And yes, high rpm could be causing oil consumption.

It also causes high fuel consumption.

For the oil consumption:

1) Make sure there are no leaks

2) If the there are no leaks... you must burning it somehow. Have the mechanic inspect the spark plugs. If they are oily, you most likely have a worn engine - talk to the mechanic about different engine oils that do better - suspect is rings on the piston. If the spark plugs are ashy gray, suspect something like valve seals. Again, sometimes different oils work better. Sometimes its not to expensive changing the valve seals.

If you oil consumption is high, just make it a habit of checking the oil level every time you fill up the car (you should be checking oil level and tire pressure regularly)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain things to me :)

The "D" light started to blink shortly after I had posted this and I quickly went to a mechanic to have it looked. They had no idea but was able to direct me to a private home mechanic who had his own OBDII and he was able to diagnose the problem.

Turned out I had a faulty transmission switch (3rd clutch) and was advised to check with the Dealer if they had the spare part and he could fix it for me.

I went to the Dealer and they checked with their own OBDII but the error did not show on their screen.

I insisted on purchasing the part and went to the home mechanic to get it fixed.

The price at the Dealer was around $250 (labour charge 1.5x more than the part) I was able to save around $140 (part $80) with the home mechanic.

I also serviced my car and switched back to fully synthetic as my mileage is still below 200K.

And yes, I always get my tyres checked as I am quite OCD with this 😅

Thank you very much once again!


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